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Do business first to choose the right field! Food is a safe business!

Food business is one of the main business of a large population, steady and sustained growth.

Do business to choose the field, in the current economic development of more uncertain factors, hedge is the main consideration. In populous countries such as China, only the food is less risky, less susceptible to economic ups and downs affect business, periods of sustained economic growth, consumption capacity of synchronous growth, and most of the industry is, the more economic unrest or war, the food industry but are more likely to earn basin full earthen bowl is full.

The selection of the field is not enough, but also to seize the opportunities for the future!

Food in the future is a high growth of imported food business!

After choosing to enter the field, the next step is to choose which kind of business in the field is promising and profitable. Due to the rapid development of the network, more and more domestic food problems were exposed, coupled with a large number of middle class generation, have promoted the rapid development of imported food. China has become the United States in the world's fourth largest agricultural export market, China market from dairy products, imports of early wine, imported into the grain, edible oil, meat, biscuits, snacks are increasing, with natural, green, quality as the representative of the fidelity of imported food will usher in rapid development period, the purchase of imported the food festival or purchase or gift, has become a social fashion, according to the United Nations and the United States Food Industry Association predicts that by 2018 China will become a big consumer of global food imports, then China, imported food market size of up to 480 billion yuan, it can be said that the next ten years will be Chinese imported food "blowout" the rapid development of the "golden ten years"! So, in determining the entry into the food industry, the choice of imported food in order to seize the high growth opportunities in the future.

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